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Customer Service Solutions : Complaint Management Software

Companies must be able to measure satisfaction from every channel used to interact with customers. These include web, email, phone, and social media. Without the ability to evaluate customer satisfaction levels, your company will have difficulty in maintaining profitability and growth.


Every touch point with a customer is an opportunity to ensure their full satisfaction or repair a damaged relationship. A negative perception of your company will inevitably lead to low customer retention and loss of revenue.


Complaint management software will support your efforts to have your customers fully satisfied with your company. You will improve customer relationships and increase profitability.


Understanding the nature of customer complaints will enable your company to uncover weaknesses in your business processes and improve the quality of your products and services.


Several reasons companies struggle with complaint management are illustrated below:


  • Inability to easily capture customer feedback from multiple channels.
  • Poor reporting and analytical systems.
  • Lack of automated workflow capabilities.
  • Market consolidations.

If your company cannot effectively handle customer complaints and improve customer service, chances are you are facing the following challenges:


  • Difficulty acquiring and maintaining customers.
  • High costs relating to customer service.
  • Negative perception of your brand.

These challenges make it difficult to improve current operations, erode marketing and customer-centric initiatives, and have a negative overall impact on your competitiveness.


Manual and inefficient processes are often responsible for declining quality of customer service. Intellera can help you streamline your customer-centric processes and positively impact your company’s quality of service.


Our solutions optimize customer service in the following ways:


  • An automated and centralized complaint management software to increase efficiency and reduce unnecessary manual steps.
  • Tracking every step of the complaint process for easy analysis and review.
  • Providing analytics dashboards to help managers monitor activity.


Efficient Complaint Management

  • Intellera solutions will help you to effectively manage customer relations in one centralized system.
  • Streamline integration across different existing systems.
  • Easily track and resolve customer complaints to improve quality of service.


Better Relationships

  • Build lasting and sustainable customer relationships.
  • Easily implement corrective and preventative measures to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction.
  • Analyze trends to better understand your customers and promote brand loyalty.


Increased Profitability and Productivity

  • Reduce training costs for new customer service agents.
  • Prevent brand and market damage and increase sales.
  • Streamline processes and procedures to increase productivity.

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