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Human Resources: Employee Onboarding Software

Human Resources (HR) play a strategic role in all organizations. According to The Hackett Group, HR leaders are increasingly aware  that the future effectiveness of their organizations will largely depend on improving their use of technology, including analytics.


One of the main areas identified for improvement is talent management. However, the year over year decrease in HR and staffing budgets will make improvements in this area more and more challenging.


Manual HR processes are inefficient and consume resources that can no longer be supported or justified by HR departments. As such, Intellera, with it’s employee onboarding software, can help your organization streamline HR processes and empower your employees allowing them to focus more on their core expertise.


The following are some challenges experienced by companies with manual HR processes:


  • Increased risk of data errors due to data duplication and handwritten forms.
  • Inability to quickly identify the best candidates for new positions
  • Employee dissatisfaction and non-compliance.
  • Manually processing payroll, employee records and tax forms takes time away from the more strategic goals of talent recruitment and employee engagement.


Intellera has the expertise needed to quickly provide solutions for any company seeking to streamline and automate their HR processes, like it’s employee onboarding software.


Human Resources departments depend on document-driven processes.  For example, employment contracts must be read and signed by new employees during the onboarding process. In a paper-based office, this process requires someone to make sure the contract is accurately prepared, printed, signed by the employee, received by HR and properly filed. This manual process is very error-prone and time consuming.


Here are some areas where Intellera can help you improve with automation:


  • Onboarding – Generate and send confidentiality agreements, waivers and other forms to new hires and once completed, automatically and securely store them.
  • Recruitment – Automatically capture and store applications submitted online and assign them to review workflow.
  • Talent – Ability for systems to select the best candidates based on pre-defined success criteria.
  • Evaluations – Rate employee performance in an electronic form that automatically routes to supervisors for review.


  • Higher productivity due to faster processing times and information sharing,
  • Lower employee turnover rates due to higher satisfaction with timeliness and accuracy,
  • Reduced storage, printing and courier costs associated with paper-based work environments,
  • Reduced risk of non-compliance penalties,
  • Fewer data entry errors and lost or misplaced files associated with manual processes,
  • Better support of organizational growth through efficient hiring and learner operational costs,
  • More time to analyse HR data to make intelligent business decisions,
  • Better collaboration with executives to recruit, train, and retain top talent.

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