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Business Process Analysis

Leading companies use analytics to determine the efficiency and effectiveness of their enterprise business processes. Analytics enable companies to see what’s going on across the board regardless of what systems are generating the underlying transactional data.


The need for business process analysis is ever increasing due to the velocity and volatility of today’s business climate. With an easy to use analytics system, companies can quickly and easily identify and address critical issues that could lead to missed opportunities or lost profits.


Intellera can help you to gain a deeper understanding of your business by running a business process analysis and providing easy to use, intuitive tools, to create alerts, reports and dashboards of your corporate data.


Various sources of information provide companies with access to unprecedented amounts of data, whether they come from management systems, customer data, customer feedback, market data, or social media. However, a core challenge is finding how to convert, use and maximize the value of data collected into business value.


Companies that do not use analytics experience the following challenges:


  • Lack of confidence in reports due to data discrepancies.
  • Inability to distribute information easily with the necessary security controls.
  • High reliance on IT to create custom reports leading to high costs and long waiting times.
  • Less awareness of operational problems due to a lack of a link between report data and core business process transactional data.


If your goal is process excellence, you must implement analytics. Business process analysis drives process improvement. Without it, you cannot quickly and easily identify inefficient processes.


By combining Analytics and Business Process Management, your insights are not only discoverable, they become instantly actionable, enabling your management team to make sound business decisions in a timely manner.


Some of the benefits of using Business process analysis in your business include:


  • Attaining important insights into all aspects of your business operation.
  • Identifying areas for improvement which decreases processing times and maximizes customer service levels.
  • Resolve business processing problems.
  • You can manage by exception instead of reviewing huge volumes of data on a regular basis.

How Intellera can help

Intellera’s team of business process specialists can help you identify and rank critical business processes by level of importance as well as define effective key performance indicators to be monitored.


We ensure that all the necessary data is automatically collected from various disparate enterprise systems and provide you with one centralized set of dashboards and reports. The results is an Analytics system that you can monitor and change as business conditions change.


Intellera helps you to speed up the decision making process and facilitates team collaboration by providing them with the information they need at the right time.

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