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The successful deployment of any technology based solution requires the services and products of numerous companies.

Intellera creates partnerships with the best of these companies to ensure the success of our clients. We work with our partners to create integrated solutions that meet the technical and business needs of our clients. Through our joint efforts, clients are able to minimize their risk, and maximize their return on their Intellera projects.


The Application Development competency helps Microsoft partners stand out as experts to their customers through the development of commercial and custom applications that are architected with Microsoft technologies like Windows Azure and Microsoft Visual Studio, as well as up-and-coming cloud-based and online business models. Being awarded with Microsoft Silver competency is an official declaration of our deep understanding of Microsoft’s strict standards and an affirmation of our expertise with cutting-edge technology.


Complexity grows exponentially in an ever-changing global environment as the number of components and constraints increases across all aspects of business operations. To succeed, business solution designers must select the right technologies to address this level of complexity. Founded in 1995 by the current management team, ADVANTYS delivers creative solutions to manage this complex environment and provides advanced technological components and expertise. ADVANTYS’ current flagship product is the WorkflowGen workflow management software and BPM tool. WorkflowGen helps organizations streamline their processes by automating human and system-based actions. Released in 2003, the WorkflowGen software was built to meet the needs of our clients, who required a simple way to manage forms. Since 2004, Intellera has delivered WorkflowGen and related services to over 150 clients across North America.


Since 1987, Laserfiche Enterprise Content Management software has been trusted by more than 35,000 organizations worldwide to manage, secure and share information. As a privately-held company based in California, Laserfiche develops solutions for capture, workflow, forms, e-signatures and case management that help organizations drive business value—and make timely, informed decisions. Along with winning industry awards, Laserfiche has also set the industry standard with a Department of Defense 5015.2-certified records management solution.


Established in 1993, The Createch Group has quickly built a reputation as a leader in supply chain optimization and information technology (IT) integration solutions. Createch’s goal is to provide enterprises of all shapes and sizes, the tools they need to improve competitiveness on the local, national, and global markets. The Createch Group knows how to leverage the latest technologies to improve business processes in order to deliver real and sustainable competitive advantages to our customers. Our ability to innovate and think outside the box has made us one of the leading business and technology leaders in Canada.


Kofax is committed to helping create stronger, lasting customer relationships. That can be challenging in today’s world, where customers are sophisticated, connected and empowered. They expect ease-of-use, intuitive self-service and fast response. They demand collaboration, a voice, and visibility into the process. And they want to engage on their terms, on their device—from anywhere and at any time. Kofax  combines capture, content, process management, data integration, mobile, e-signature, customer communications management, search, and analytics to create an essential connection between your systems of engagement (the modern ways customers interact with your organization) and systems of record (the legacy applications that run your businesses). With Kofax solutions, Intellera can transform your customer engagement, grow your revenue, reduce costs, enhance service and improve business agility.


Semeon Analytics is a next-generation text analytics platform servicing businesses interested in better understanding what is being said about their brand, company, products, staff, competitors, and more. The Platform is, today, the most effective content analysis suite to help convert vast swaths of information into actionable knowledge and meaningful insights, irrespective of the source of that information. Semeon’s solutions at heart focused on Semantics, Sentiment, Intent Analysis, and Predictive behaviors of clients, buyers or customers.

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