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Fluid Workflow Automation

The WorkflowGen BPM software enables process designers to graphically design and implement workflows via a 100% web-based HTML5 and .NET application. WorkflowGen supports human-based and system-based workflows with integration of web services without programming.


Process designers can define any business rules based on workflow data as well as conditions or exceptions based on workflow data or ready-to-use macros. WorkflowGen also supports complex workflow implementations with sub-process management.

“Easy to use, develop and deploy.  We have been adopted this product for more than 10 years, this web based product is running very stable and reliable. User profile management is super flexible, we are using Active Directory, LDAP and text files to synchronize different user groups.”


Zhiming Jia
Sr. System Analyst Rexall/McKesson


WorkflowGen will bring the following benefits to your organization:


  • Automated manual and system-based enterprise processes.
  • Design and implement workflows in a 100% web-based app.
  • Design web forms quickly without programming.
  • Engage process participants with an easy to use workflow portal.
  • Easily manage process participants.
  • Set up cost-effective solutions.



Workflow Creation

  • Create and execute workflows with ease in a 100% web-based application.
  • Both human-based and system-based workflows are supported.
  • Integrate web services without having to learn programming.
  • Designate business rules, conditions and exceptions based on workflow data.

Web Form Designer

  • Design professional-looking web forms with no knowledge of coding required.
  • No additional plug-ins or software are required.

Workflow Portal

  • A comprehensive workflow portal allows process participants to make new requests and monitor workflow status all in one place.
  • Email notification of predefined events allows for quick performance of workflow actions.
  • Create customized reports and dashboards using process data.

Enterprise Process Management

  • Easily organize processes in secured folders and assign administration for each folder.
  • Update your workflows in real time.
  • Perform workflow actions on the go from your mobile device.
  • Multilingual form management is easily implemented via the portal.


    Industry-specific benefits

    Trusted by over 600 industry-leading organizations worldwide, WorkflowGen Business Process Management offers benefits in many industries.


    Here are just a few examples of how WorkflowGen has been implemented:

    • Streamlined budget and contract management processes
    • Improved fleet management leading to lower costs of operation
    • General ledger change management provides the necessary control to ensure compliance
    • Greater efficiency and increased accountability
    • Decreased application processing time from weeks to days
    • Prevention of lost or missing information with secure centralized access to all documentation
    • Automation of complex purchase order processes.


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